"Tennie Leonard was welcomed back to Don't Tell Mama with a full house and a standing ovation!
Every song got "The Tennie Touch" and was knocked out of the ball park!"

Sidney Myer, Don't Tell Mama.


"...she began to weave her magic... her great phrasing and beautifully held notes blended effortlessly... One of the highlights of the evening, "Non, Ne Regrette Rien," sung in French, amazingly interpreted and highly dramatized with lighting, was reminiscent of the late legend, Edith Piaf."

Valerie Kanofsky, Cabaret Scenes.


"...Leonard has been a trooper in clubs like Mama's and Judy's for a few years now, and her proficiency at brassy show tunes as well as heartwarming ballads was very much in evidence to the packed house."

John Koroly, WVOX Radio.


Tennie Leonard - "A Little Space": "Leonard offers a dewy-eyed ballad in honor of those receiving medical care at New York's memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Her vocal is a tad stagey at times, but her sincerity - not to mention producer Danny Holgate's melancholy sting arrangement - pushes this track over the top. For AC programmers who are catering to a more sophisticated and thoughtful listener."

Larry Flick, Billboard


"Leonard's strongest moments came on lighter fare, such as a very funny "Arthur in the Afternoon," which was a riot. She had everyone in stitches... she has a delightful personality and vitality..."

John Hoglund, Back Stage.