Sincerely yours...
Tennie Leonard

All Tennie Leonard ever wanted to do since the age of three was to sing to an audience. And for most of her early life she did, with much success. Ted Mack, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin... Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Buddy Hackett and... TENNIE LEONARD!

"Tennie Leonard can put a song in the heart of all who hear her vibrant voice."

"She evoked the glamour of the Supper Club era."

"With naturalness and simplicity of style, Tennie proved to be a songwriter's - and an audience's - loving friend."




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Tennie Leonard - "A Little Space": "Leonard offers a dewy-eyed ballad in honor of those receiving medical care at New York's memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Her vocal is a tad stagey at times, but her sincerity - not to mention producer Danny Holgate's melancholy sting arrangement - pushes this track over the top. For AC programmers who are catering to a more sophisticated and thoughtful listener."

Larry Flick, Billboard


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